Sunday, April 24, 2011

Peru - PART II - Chinchero, Ollantaytambo

We flew into Cuzco, then took a bus through the city and up to Chinchero, where we had lunch and sampled guinea pig. I did not like the taste of it at all. Jason did not like that it had lots of little bones.  Then we watched a weaving demonstration, and picked up a table runner and cooed over the little guinea pigs (who will one day be someone’s special meal).

Then it was off to Ollantaytambo, home of the 15th century refrigerator. I was not feeling too great by this point, so Jason and I split up. He went with a group going up to the top of the ruins, and I stayed with a group touring the bottom. We each had a camera, so it was all good. I heard him shouting from way up high, and we got grainy pictures of each other from a distance.

Unfortunately, because we divided forces, we were met with a tiny problem. One of the buses was ready to move out, and the group on the mountain was still coming down. Normally, I would have just waited for Jason, but we left some of our things on the seat in the bus, and I didn’t want someone else to have to deal with it, or go through it. So off I went, to see a pottery demonstration all on my lonesome. Jason arrived a bit later, and we picked up a few things from artist – a couple of masks for the kids and a cup for Jason.

Our hotel was nice, but we had to sleep in separate beds. That was strange.


  1. Stesha stayed in the hotel while I went out to a great restaurant in Urabamba. Had a wonderful steak with jelly on it - this was one of the best steaks I've ever had.

    Funny though the restaurant was down a long road and just a door that you went in and had to climb to the second floor before you realized it had food. Also, only took reservations but since it was just two of us (me and JC, who we met on the trip) they let us in.

  2. I think I had a migraine that night, and opted out of dining out. I'm sorry I missed out on the awesome steak. But - maybe you wouldn't have gotten in if I were there. :)