Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Peru - PART V - Cuzco

This was another free day, where Jason got to play tour guide for everyone else (and he can and probably will make additional comments below). We were in Cuzco proper, staying in a lovely hotel, though again, separate beds. The very first stop on our route was right next to the hotel – but not yet open. So we continued on.

We walked through a large market, which was pretty cool.
And everywhere, in every city, there are plazas and
cathedrals, thanks to Spanish influence.
Also...panties and cake.

Unfortunately, my journey ended around here. I wasn’t feeling well when we started, and just got worse as the day progressed. When the circuit brought us back around to the hotel, I waved good-bye and went straight to bed, and Jason and the others went on without me – to Sacsayhuam├ín (pronounced like “sexy woman”).

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