Monday, April 25, 2011

Peru - PART III - Via ferrata and zipline

Broke character today and did something new, that was like hiking, but not at all like hiking.

A via ferrata is a route up a mountain made with fixed cables, ladders, bridges, and so on. The via ferrata we climbed was mostly ladders and cable, with one suspension bridge (some cable to stand on and some cable to hold on to – I use “bridge” loosely). We went up 400 meters  (about 1312 feet). And then we ziplined back to the bottom.

We brought along a friend we had met previously, and made some new friends. Also, I may have found a beer I don't despise.

It was an awesome experience, and though I'm afraid of high places, it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. The only part I didn't like was the last - walking backwards down the last bit of the mountain. The climb wasn't all that difficult - aside from the few parts where I wasn't quite tall enough to reach some parts and had to get creative with my jumping. I was afraid for my knees, and wore a brace halfway up - but it kept slipping down, so I admitted defeat and removed it. Aside from a bit of a twinge, however, I didn't have any problems. And the ziplining was hella fun. I definitely want to try that again.

- Sacred Valley Via Ferrata & Zip Line


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  2. This was a lot of fun we ziplined down 1880 meters. 5 ziplines in total with the longest at about 500 meters. Stesha and I had to ride together in order to have enough weight to get to the other side. The strangest one was the last one going almost straight down. It was a mixture between ziplining, being lowered down, and repelling.